In regard to the National Project for Building Schools (NPBS), the Ministry of Education and Technical Education aims

at increasing the official language school share to represent about 25% of the total schools intended to be built.

This is intended to meet the availability problem and to cut down on the density of the school classrooms. This goal

will be achieved by involving investors and the civic sector in a non-beneficiary partnership of the profit to construct,

manage and operate set of the schools, which resemble language schools, on land which the state provides by the

usufruct for a certain period of time, which will be agreed on by the two parties. Accordingly, the opportunity is to be

given to the parties involved from the private and civic sectors to effectively cooperate with the State to provide an

education with affordable pay for our children in the best possible quality and within reasonable classroom density

levels. Such a strategy will lead to a radical change in the Egyptianeducational system. In light of this advanced project,

the Ministry of Education and Technical Education confirms that the State will maintain its role in establishing the biggest

ratio of schools: This represents 80% of the total schools planned to be built viaduplicating the aside budgets. In this way,

all efforts will be integrated to cut down the acuteness of the availability and classroom

density problems.

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